Boat Lift Covers of Martin County


Invest in a sturdy boat lift cover to protect your boat. We care about craftsmanship and ensure our boat lift covers are made to last. Our covers are hand sown and customizable to your needs.


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We want everyone to be satisfied with our boat lift covers. This means we take installation seriously. Your boat lift cover installation is handled by a professional with plenty of experience. Our boat lift covers are durable and ready to take on any weather.


Coastline Boatlift Covers customizes our covers to fit your needs and more importantly to protect your investment.  The Florida sun can be brutal on your boat Coastline covers are made with the highest quality materials and expert engineering. We take the I-Beam frame and use 4 supports spaced evenly to create a long-lasting canopy making it easier to enjoy your boat.  How long does a traditional boat cover last?  A few years if you are lucky and then you are replacing it over and over again.  Think about how much time you spend taking it off and folding only to have to do the same thing over again after a great day of boating.  Not with a Coastline Cover – just pull your boat in and raise it up.

I-Beam Construction

Canopy frames endure stress. The design of the I beam makes it capable of bending under high stress instead of buckling.  I-beams are used in almost every type or construction from skyscrapers to your boatlift and cradle.

Attention to Detail

Thinking about installing a canopy on your boatlift? Coastline Boatlift Covers can help by designing a custom solution to enhance your boatlift. Get your boatlift Canopy in Cape Coral, Saint James City, Fort Myers, Bokeelia and Bonita Springs


4 Supports are better than 3

Would you rather protect your investment with 3 supports or 4?  We choose the strongest every time.  Why take shortcuts on durability?